Hunter or Hunted

My love has dissolved

But the relationship was quickly resolved

She wanted to be friends

And although I didn’t want things to end

I couldn’t deny it

Cos there was no way to make amends

So now we are friends

Talking and laughing

But no matter how much I pretend

I know my thoughts will go on without end

And so I must ask

Am I the hunter or the hunted?

In this never ending game

Called love


I wish…

There are many things I wish

For happiness and bliss

But when it comes to you

My wishes boil down to six

I wish you enough sun

To keep your life bright

And I wish you enough rain

So you appreciate even the smallest ray of sunlight

I wish you enough happiness

For your life and moreover

And I wish you enough sadness

So u will see the glimpse of joy when it’s over

I wish you enough pain

So you will grow to be wise and understanding

And finally, I wish you enough love

To wash away every ounce of pain


What is pain?

Is it different to each person?

Or is it all just the same?

Is it the connection between your skin and a cane?

Or is it the result of hearing a name?

As I am young, i do not understand

What pain truly is,

Or why it hurts like this,

But to me it’s an ache in my chest

When my mind will not rest

But my thoughts dwell in you

Your beautiful smile

The touch of your lips when we kiss

And even when you whisper my name

Softly called from barely parted lips

All these things cause this ache

And as my thoughts begin to wonder

To you…me…we and what we seemed to be

The ache would steadily increase

Evolving from a purring kitten

To a roaring lion and further still

Until it consumes me and robs me

Of my sleep, my appetite

And even the ability to stand on my own two feet

And it will go on

Until I see you again

Feel you in my arms,

Which will cause my heart to race

And almost triple in pace

But until then all that remains

Is this ache that brings me close to tears

Just In My Dreams

As the moon shines bright,

Across waters as black as the night

My thoughts dwell on you

And how you broke my heart in two

There is no glue

That can mend my heart and make it new

So I wish these thoughts to leave me

But I know I can never be free

The pain is unbearable

And there is nothing I can do it seems

But when I wake up at my table

I realize the pain is just in my dreams